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  • Cargo Slide Universal Black Forest
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    The Black Forest Cargo Slides makes loading and unloading the Jeep Wrangler easy and hassle free. Black Forest Cargo Slides can be used individually or as a dual set in the back of the Jeep Wrangler or other vehicle application. The slide mounts are sturdy and are designed to extend effortlessly, with two predetermined locking positions that offer added stability when handling gear.

    • Black Forest Cargo Slides are sold individually.
    • Mount a portable Fridge Freezer or other gear for the trail
    • Have all your gear right in front of you instead of buried in your cargo area
    • Mounting loopholes allows you to securely mount anything on your slide
    • Fully extended, the Black Forest Slide is almost 4 feet long putting your gear directly in front of you
    • Black Forest Slides have an all metal build to stand up to abuse on the trail
    • 2 different locking positions gives you flexibility on what you mount and how you use the slide
    • Simple to use handle and release mechanism takes the guesswork out of operation
    • Ball bearing system was used to promote quiet operation of the slide
    • Bearing system also promotes a quieter ride and less rattling

    Can be mounted to your Wrangler using our base plates or you can mount it however you like with the different mounting locations on the slide

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