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Топливный бак с защитой на 57 литров для Jeep CJ7 от GenRight

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  • <p>This is the GenRight Crawler EXT Gas Tank to fit a Jeep CJ-7. It is specifically designed to allow the rear axle to be moved back up to 5" (4" on Dana 60) to stretch the Jeep's wheelbase for greater stability on big tires.<br />This new tank will accept the factory CJ fuel pick and sending unit BUT it was designed to accept the factory Jeep YJ in-tank fuel module which is better for those guys who have converted their Jeep over to fuel injection! Each tank is supplied with a blank adapter plate for those guys who want to continue running the factory fuel pick up/sending unit.<br /><strong>FEATURES:</strong></p>
    <ul><li>Each tank is made from 1/8" thick Aluminum alloy and includes a matching heavy duty 3/16" thick skid plate.</li>
    <li>Internal baffles reduce fuel movement and keep fuel near the pick up</li>
    <li>1" more ground clearance</li>
    <li>15 gallon fuel capacity (but with careful filling we got one more gallon in)</li>
    <li>The CJ Crawler fuel tanks are designed to accept the factory CJ or YJ type fuel sender/module.</li>
    <li>All tanks are 100% pressure tested.</li>
    <li>Patent Pending.</li>
    </ul><p><strong>NOTES:</strong><br />Because of shape and location changes, installation of this product may require changes to the exhaust tail pipe.<br />If you will be using the factory YJ fuel module/pick up you will need to lengthen the unit 1" to reach the bottom of the tank.<br />We also offer a larger capacity 20 gallon gas tank for the Jeep CJ-7 (GST-1003).<br />The YJ sending unit is not compatible with the factory CJ fuel gauge in the stock CJ speedometer, BUT it is compatible with all aftermarket fuel gauges!</p>
  • Характеристики Jeep CJ7 Gas Tank Ext 15 Gal W/Skid Plate 5 Inch Stretch GenRight
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