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Топливный бак с защитой для Jeep TJ/LJ 2003-2004 74 литра от GenRight

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  • <p>This is the GenRight Crawler EXT (Extreme) Gas Tank to fit a Jeep TJ / LJ (1997-2006). It is specifically designed to allow for more clearance between the rear axle and the gas tank so you can lengthen your Jeeps wheelbase AND keep the same capacity as stock!<br />Wanna go to 40's? You are going to need bigger axles. This heavy duty tank is trail proven and made to accommodate such upgrades. Besides this production built gas tank is re-shaped to make more room under the Jeep for a stretch AND bigger axles! That way you can keep your back seat to bring the family on your 4 wheeling adventures. The assembly mounts in the factory location and is it designed to work with all your factory emissions equipment so you won't get any check engine lights or have computer issues.<br /><strong>FEATURES:</strong></p>
    <ul><li>1" more ground clearance than stock.</li>
    <li>Improved departure angle.</li>
    <li>Same as stock, 19.5 gallon fuel capacity.</li>
    <li>Creates more room for BIG aftermarket axles.</li>
    <li>Shape allows for 5" of rear wheelbase stretch (with Dana 44)</li>
    <li>Mounts in stock tank location, with 7 factory bolts.</li>
    <li>Stock mounting location keeps center of gravity low.</li>
    <li>Accepts the stock Jeep fuel pump/sensor.</li>
    <li>1/8" thick Aluminum alloy tank is TIG welded.</li>
    <li>Foam liner between tank & skid plate.</li>
    <li>Includes a 3/16" thick heavy duty steel skid plate.</li>
    <li>Assembled with stainless steel straps.</li>
    <li>Includes factory Mopar roll over / vent valves.</li>
    <li>Internal baffles reduce fuel movement and keep fuel near the pick up.</li>
    <li>All tanks are 100% pressure tested.</li>
    <li>Patent Pending.</li>
    </ul><p>Additional Notes:<br />Because of shape and location changes, installation of this product MAY require changes to the last 14" of the exhaust tail pipe.<br />To install this tank in a 2003 or newer Jeep, it might require a small (1") body lift.<br />Fits well with Currie brand Anti-Rock type rear sway bars. Due to the fact that this tank is pushed back 5", the installer will need to carefully pull the fuel line and electrical a little rearward to reconnect them to the fuel pump (not a problem there is plenty of length in the line to reach).<br />We offer two other models with more stretch; the COMP model for up to 7" of stretch and the RK COMP for up to 9" of stretch.<br />We also offer a tank that increases fuel capacity (to 25 gallons) and offers Extended Range (sorry no stretch) model GST-2003.</p>
  • Характеристики Jeep TJ/LJ Crawler Ext Gas Tank W/Skid Pate 19.5 Gal 03-04 5 Inch Stretch GenRight
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