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Полка багажника для JEEP JK| TJ LJ |YJ CJ-7 (Cargo Rack) от GenRight

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  • <p>This is the all new GenRight Cargo Rack for your Jeep. Originally designed to work just with the GenRight roll cages, we now offer a universal mounting bracket that will work with factory roll cages. This rack was designed to separate the rear cargo section of your Jeep to allow for easier access to your camping gear or keep light weight items from getting crushed by heavier items.<br /><strong>Features:</strong></p>
    <ul><li>Square corners allow you to use all the storage area in the rack.</li>
    <li>Large and deep design with 3" dimple die'd holes.</li>
    <li>Lightweight and strong.</li>
    <li>Lots of attachment points to tie down cargo.</li>
    <li>Two different height mounting positions can raise or lower the rack 3".</li>
    <li>Works with GenRight or stock roll cages (choose proper mounts when purchasing).</li>
    <li>Size fits in CJ, YJ, TJ, LJ and JK!</li>
    <li>Keeps anything stored under the rack secure on and off-road.</li>
    <li>Size is 41" long x 26.5" wide x 6.5" deep.</li>
    <li>Can be used on the roof too.</li>
    <li>Powder coated black.</li>
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