Тюнинг-ателье, которое работает с полноразмерными пикапами класса premium off-road.
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Холодильник переносной 30 литров FF31

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  • Portable Fridge Freezer 31 Quart FF31 Gray Black Forest Black Forest
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    This isn’t just another fridge option you're going to throw in the back of your rig. This is kicking a cold drink back while kicking your feet up on the back of a bear that you’ve re-purposed as your new favorite foot stool. It’s the hero to your (aw man we can’t go on a picnic because the egg salad will be ruined,) dilemma. Your new Fridge Freezer allows you to pack everything but the kitchen sink then put the kitchen sink in, because you got so much dang room. That new off-road group will have no choice but to respect you when you pull up and start tossing out cold drinks.
    What other options are there in a scenario like that? None.

    • A fridge in your Jeep? That’s like having a Chef in your house, fancy
    • Store up to 40 12 oz cans without taking up your whole cargo area
    • The FF31 can hold ice cream with its ability to freeze at 0 degrees
    • Metal tie-down loops allow for flexible installation
    • Some fridges are like a jealous girlfriend it’s either them or the cargo, FF31 understands you don’t want to take all of your cargo space up with a fridge
    • 31qt the perfect size that says (I like a cold drink on the trail, but I don’t live in my Jeep)
    • Only fridge on the market that can fit underneath a security surround
    • Charcoal design allows FF31 to go with any Jeep interior
    • FF31 will always leave juice in your battery even if the engine is off
    • Both 12/24V DC or 115/230V AC Power available
    • Tested in the hottest parts of Moab, still kept the iced latte nice and icey
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